Re: [gardeners] night blooming cereus

George Shirley (
Sun, 28 Apr 2002 12:53:50 -0500

Red dirt looks like parts of East Texas Craig, even Georgia has some. My FIL in Maryland gardened in
some red dirt that was very fertile, he could grow about anything on that hill. Looks good.


Craig Watts wrote:
> Don't want you guys feel like I'm outta the picture. Been working on
> computer stuff and gardening. Gone mine planted and the link is here:
> This site is WAY bad, busted links and the such. Matter of fact  the content
> is serverly limited  :)
> Just proof we been working  :)
> Craig Watts
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> Thank you for the info on my night blooming cereus.  And taking leaves to
> make new starter plants and then selling them (!) sounds like a good idea.
> Especially since I am going to have to wait for another 2 years or so before
> I see any blooms.  Pazienza ... as the italians say.
>   Carolyn
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