RE: [gardeners] night blooming cereus

Craig Watts (
Sun, 28 Apr 2002 13:22:18 -0400

Don't want you guys feel like I'm outta the picture. Been working on
computer stuff and gardening. Gone mine planted and the link is here:

This site is WAY bad, busted links and the such. Matter of fact  the content
is serverly limited  :)

Just proof we been working  :)

Craig Watts

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Subject: [gardeners] night blooming cereus

Thank you for the info on my night blooming cereus.  And taking leaves to
make new starter plants and then selling them (!) sounds like a good idea.
Especially since I am going to have to wait for another 2 years or so before
I see any blooms.  Pazienza ... as the italians say.


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