Re: [gardeners] Tree planting advice

George Shirley (
Fri, 10 May 2002 07:33:20 -0500

This being the case there may be a root problem on the downhill side allowing the tree to lean
and,ultimately, to fall over on that side. Usually you dig a good sized flat place to plant trees on
a slope. Those that were seeded and grow naturally on slopes still have a tendency to collapse

George wrote:
> George, the clay soil is totally saturated from the unusual rains,
> which makes it act like putty. The tree has no canopy, being an
> evergreen with branches and needles all the way to the ground.
> Right  this second I cannot remember if it is a hemlock or a
> spruce. The prevailing winds do whip thru there but at right angles
> to the direction of the leaning!  Cannot blame the winds for this
> problem. I blame the berm and the soil.  Perhaps there was not
> sufficient flat space for the planting of the tree -- I saw it 3 weeks
> ago, and I wondered if the tree were fighting gravity, and trying
> to slide down the berm.....  except that it had been perfectly happy
> there for 3 years already!
> Penny, NY
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