Re: [gardeners] Yogurt question

Ron Hay (
Fri, 10 May 2002 07:30:30 -0700

Good morning, George,

But where did the Turks get many of their finest dishes? From the

We are fortunate in L.A. that one cannot go a block or two without
running into a ME restaurant. We (Glendale/Los Angeles) have the second
largest Armenian population outside of Yerevan; about 800000 Persians
and on it goes. I know Armenia is really part of South Central Asia, but
since so many live(d) in Lebanon after the diaspora of 1915 (?), they
are very often classified as Middle Eastern,

Oddly enough, one cannot find a Turkish restaurant in L.A. for love nor

As to why they are calling themselves increasingly "Mediterranean" or
"International), it is usually a move toward blunting the prejudice
towards ME people. And, in the case of the Armenians, the code word for
their restaurants is "international," since their cuisine was previously
unknown in these parts. BTW, our neighborhood is now about 30% Armenian.