Re: [gardeners] Yogurt question (
Fri, 10 May 2002 00:04:23 -0400

Rosemary,  we can get the Byblos Brand of lebni here in town. Ron is
right:  one can stand a knife up in it!  I would not say that it is more
sour, but it does have more flavor, even though there is no flavoring
agent added to it.  Delicious! 

This is the yogurt which is served in Ethiopia and Crete. Ethiopean
food is so extraordinarily HOT that they need something cool and 
soothing to ease the pain .....<g>..... 

I would recommend that you follow Ron's lead and check out the
Internet for Sadaf Brand food products, if you are interested. 

The Indians use yogurt for their Tandoori Chicken marinade (along
with a bunch of spices and some lemon juice). The Greeks use it for 
making Tzadziki  which is their Gyro sauce.  The Russians use
it for their borscht  (cold and hot) and beef Strogonoff, to name just 
a few you might recognize. It's a wonderful product! 
My two clematis have grown fresh leaves all along their 6 ft high old
stems, but are not in bloom yet. Intertwined with them is a yellow
climbing rose which I planted one year ago and which has four canes 
about 12 ft long -- and is in bloom!  The rose itself is very yellow and
has very few petals; the buds are gorgeous, being mostly red with
some yellow. The doggone thing is growing all over the banisters and
the upright columns of the porch! 

Penny, NY zone 6


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