RE: [gardeners] Weekend in the garden

Craig Watts (
Mon, 13 May 2002 07:19:09 -0400

>Yesterday evening I picked three large bell peppers (Big Bertha by name), a
few >scallions, some
>garlic chives, and leaf celery. Along with some beef I had thinly sliced
those made a >nice pepper
>steak dish for our evening meal. Sauce made with water, soy sauce and corn
starch >thickened it up
>nicely and it was served over steamed rice.

George we are harvesting smiles and lettuce from the garden. Really did some
work on fence and door. Rabbit killed our green bean crop last year. So, for
saturday dinner we had jamacan jerked chicken slow cooked on grill along
side of two portabello mushrooms with goat cheese, cole slaw and salid made
from picking leaf lettuce from the garden.

Have a good week.