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Wed, 19 Jun 2002 16:23:12 -0600

I had preconceived ideas (wrong ones) about what SF was, and hadn't read
any until y'all had the discussion about it, I think on the other gardens
list.  I just borrow from the library and found that I really enjoy Card's
writings - always thought provoking, tho sometimes disturbing.  I'll
probably run out of his books this winter and be asking for more

Barb in Idaho

At 05:44 PM 6/19/02 -0500, you wrote:
>Yeah, most of what Card has written. Speculative fiction is about right
but mostly it's called
>alternate history writing. Lots of good stuff out there if you look for
it. We have a Book Warehouse
>nearby and I hate to go in there as they have a very large science fiction
and fantasy section.
>Costs me 50 or 60 bucks when I do go, mostly because Miz Anne is with me
and we end up buying some
>art books too.
> wrote:
>> Anyone read Pastwatch by Orson Scott Card?  Basically he says history
>> doesn't matter because it can all be changed.  Course he does write
>> speculative fiction.  The book starts out sometime way in the future and
>> ends up changing the outcome of Columbus' voyage.
>> Barb in Idaho
>> At 03:47 PM 6/19/02 -0400, you wrote:
>> >Shucks Margaret, why don't you just speak up there? <VBG> You and I
>> >are old enough to remember the NEBC (No Europeans Before Columbus)
>> >group of historians, archaeologists, anthropologists too. Now it is
>> >accepted theory that yes, Virginia, there were Europeans in the New
>> >World before Chris Columbus,
>> >
>> >In Canada, George:Newfoundland, a place today known as L'Anse  aux
>> >Meadows. NW tip of Newf.  A 9th century Viking settlement was found,
>> >complete with runes, which dated the place to Eric the red or was it lief
>> >erikson or are these the same guys???  oh, I should go check but too lazy
>> >right this minute.  The exciting thing is the refs in the runes tie into
>> some of
>> >the norse sagas which we all thought were bs when we read them in school.
>> >  None of this was discovered before the 80s, which puts an awful lot of
>> us in
>> >the no Europeans before Columbus camp.
>> >
>> > also Asians and possibly Africans.
>> >Australian Aborigines, I would doubt that myself. Pacific Islanders,
>> >no doubt at all.
>> >
>> >I though Pacific Islanders were related to the Abos...where is Evil John
>> these
>> >days?  He should know, and even if he doesn't I'm sure he would venture an
>> >opinion:)).
>> >
>> >Lucinda
>> >
>> >George
>> >
>> >Margaret Lauterbach wrote:
>> >>
>> >> I've  been thinking of you, Lucinda.  Is school out yet?  We
>> >> recently watched a program on a digital Discovery channel about
>> >> early population of parts of Brazil and the southern tip (name
>> >> escapes me at the moment).  French archaeologists were claiming that
>> >> descendants of Australian aborigines settled Brazil 12 to 15,000
>> >> years ago IIRC (anyway, it was earlier than the usual 11,000 years
>> >> that I've read), having crossed the Pacific Ocean then,not being
>> >> content to be on solid ground, hiked across the northern tip of
>> >> South America to settle in the Amazon basin.  Then they migrated
>> >> southward, serving as the Tierra del Fuegan "Indians."  I sat there,
>> >> turned to Chuck and said "this is bullshit. I'm changing channels."
>> >> Are these French archaeologists (female) as whacko as I think, or is
>> >> it me?  Margaret L
>> >>
>> >> >What old roses do you have George?
>> >> >
>> >> >Lucinda
>> >
>> >