Re: [gardeners] Sunday in the garden

Margaret Lauterbach (
Wed, 03 Jul 2002 10:56:34 -0600

At 10:14 AM 7/3/02 -0500, you wrote:
>There are several different sprays that are rated for grasshoppers, she 
>needs to talk to an
>agricultural extension agent if they have them there. Other than that she 
>might try attracting sea
>gulls, worked in Utah a long time ago. <VBG>
>George, watching it rain - again

Hey, George, those seagulls are busy these days.  Mormon crickets are out 
in such numbers they're greasing the highways here.  I've read they've had 
a population boom in Utah, too.  Those things are intimidating. They're as 
big as mice.  I don't have them on my property, thank God.  They're in the 
mountains, across the valley from me.  Margaret L