Re: [gardeners] typhoon in the garden (
Mon, 22 Jul 2002 22:59:15 -0400

Lucinda, your place sounds stupendous!  How'd you ever get all that
even before you've moved in..? 

Are you actually in the Great Lakes region? Will you be subject to 'lake
effect snow' ? Are you zone 5? 

We've had 'everbearing' raspberries for 50 years from an uncle's stock
of 80 years ago. Not sure, but they might be called Indian Summer.
Get 2 crops, late June and September, when we treat them right. That
includes proper pruning every November, fertilizing May and Nov., 
occasional watering, and keeping an eagle eye out for fungus, which
calls for an occasional spray (or else lose the entire crop).  Medium
sized berries.  Today there may be dozens of newer cultivars, so it
bears researching.  We are zone 6. Oh, and they only get sunshine until
noon. Never tried them in full sun ... 

Will enjoy hearing more as you make progress. 

Penny, NY


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