Re: [gardeners] night blooming cereus

George Shirley (
Sun, 08 Sep 2002 20:45:43 -0500

You're living in Sh*t City now? Old sailor term for Norfolk back in the
fifties, tough town back then.

Ours is in a pot too as we put it in the greenhouse in the winter. Gets
full sun for about three hours a day and fed some Miracle Gro once a
month and gets watered when the soil dries on top. The thing is only
about 4 or 5 years old and started blooming last year. This year it has
bloomed every month with 3 to 8 blooms at a time, opening on separate
nights. I don't know what advice other than what I've said that I could
give you.

We do prune the thing annually as it gets these "branches" up to 6 or 7
feet long and then the strap leaf starts to form, after that the blooms
appear on long stalks. AFAIK it has been in a 12 inch terra cotta pot
all of its life. We also have several small ones started from the pruned
parts. HTH


M T wrote:
> Hi George,
>  Best of luck with your surgery, it is *fantastic* what they can do
> these days with minimal invasion.
>  Our new garden in Norfolk is coming along *slowly*, but we are making
> minor progress every week, and taking lots of pictures.
>  Sometimes the pics are the only thing keeping me going. I can see some
> improvement (at least in the pics!) and know that we are getting
> somewhere eventually. Been working lots of 10 and 12 hour days since
> May. Getting rich (ha! ;-)), hoping to have some time this fall to
> spend it on cobble stones for the new patio and plants for the new
> pond.
>  I've had a cereus in a pot for several years now. Any suggestions on
> getting some blooms on it? It's outdoors for 6 months a year in part to
> deep shade. Happy, healthy, but no blooms.
> Good Gardening,
> Matt in Norfolk, Va.
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