Re: [gardeners] How grows your garden?

Ron Hay (
Fri, 18 Oct 2002 16:27:48 -0700

Hello, George,

I am glad that you continue to improve...physically, at least:)

I wish I had the time during the limited daylight hours to tend a winter
veggie garden, but, alas, my schedule and the limited daylight make that
too much of a chore...especially if one needs to spray for critters.

So far, we have picked about 3 dozen ripe pomegranates, with another
couple still on the tree. We are inviting guests for a Persian dinner
tomorrow night, fesenjan, and will utilize the pomegranate juice in the
preparation, along with walnuts and the usual spices, for that luscious
meal. Oh, a nice rice/noodle pilaf, too.

Next week, we should begin to be able to enjoy our Fuyus. There are so
many on the tree right now, even after a massive fruit drop, that the
branches are being supported by 1X 6 stakes and old panty hose, and are
bent down almost to the ground.

The interesting thing about the tree's growth habit, is that as the
boughs have bent, new branches have shot upward, straight up, producing
much new fruiting wood.

This habit is repeated in the macadamia, interestingly enough: as the
branches are bent under the weight of the nuts, all sorts of new shoots
are coming out the sides and tops of the branches, producing fruiting

Passion fruit now fills up every available bowl in our house, plus half
the turkey roaster. Time to deal with both pomegranates and passion
fruit...and also try to keep up with garden maintenance, which is
getting sorely out of control.

We have lost one weekend day for the past 3 weeks, owing to a social
commitment, and it is really beginning to show, since it grows dark so
early, these days.

Oh, well, ya work with what time you have. At least we will have fruit
and nuts to enjoy for a while:)