Re: [gardeners] Tuesday in the wet and mud (
Wed, 6 Nov 2002 00:28:19 -0500

George, how does a homeowner cope with 75 inches of rain a year..?
Or with 21 inches just in one month?  Are you subject to a lot of
mildew, either on the veggies & fruits or on the buildings?  Is this
unusual?  Does the water stand around for a long time?  Do y'all
have a basement?  Questions, questions ....

We moved three evergreens and planted one new one, last Sunday. 
The rain we are experiencing right now is MOST welcome, since our
water systems are drained for the winter. Merci, Bon Dieu ...!

Sounds as if the stuff they are giving you should be able to stop
that cough -- but in addition, hasn't anyone suggested that you be 
tested for an actual sinus infection?  If you don't cure it, it will
continue to plague you when you stop the cough medicine ...

Doctor Mom  <aka Penny>


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