Re: [gardeners] New patio around good trees

Ron Hay (
Thu, 12 Dec 2002 07:11:29 -0800

Hi, Matt,

Thanks for your kind reply. I may have misread, but I thought you were
going to leave only 3 inches around each tree, which prompted my
concern. So much for the wonders of bifocals:)

Is the Bradford pear an ornamental pear or an eating pear? It's not a
tree I am familiar with.  Around these parts, we grow an evergreen
Korean pear which "normal" blooms in February, but which, oddly, is
blooming now, all over the city. Strange.

It will be interesting to see how this string of El Nino storms
approaching us this week will affect the growth habit of our trees, all
of which have been put in since the last event in '97-98.

I am hopeful that the added moisture will give the the fruit trees, and
the macadamia, a leg up on this coming spring, because last year was
disastrously and expensively dry.