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Hi Matt!  Good to hear from you....  last Wednesday was Leaf Fall for me.  I've done some leaf clean-up this fall - my Bradford pear and some small trees prov ided about 7 bags of shredded leaves (I use a vac-mulch to get some up, and mulch them with my mower into the collection for others).  But overhanging my yard is the second-largest red oak in Mississippi, a massive tree that you can see on Alan Zelhart's winter garden web page.  It drops a few leaves early, but most always seem to fall in a one or two day period.  And the amount is incredible.  I cleaned up the leaves from the walk in front of a side door, and off the cobblestone walks in my front yard and the front porch, so far.  That has provided 8 bags of shredded leaves.  The yard is covered with leaves a foot deep in some places.  This is one big tree!!  I'll do a cleanup, then just mulch the rest and let them lie.


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> Date: 2002/12/22 Sun AM 02:00:07 EST
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> Subject: [gardeners] leaves
>  Finally had a beautiful day and time off to enjoy it!
>  Ended up filling 4 plastic shopping bags from cleaning up after the
> dog... LOL. It's been 2 months since I had time off and daylight when
> the yard had been dry enough not to be too messy.
>  We have had good rains consistently for several months. We went from
> being low on rainfall this summer to 5 inches above normal for the year
> and 16 inches above last years total. Thank God! 
>  Thank you Margaret for the barrel and weedeater suggestion for
> mulching the leaves! Had time to try it today. It's slow but it works
> great. The Bradford pear has finally dropped most of its leaves. It
> should be bare by the end of the week.
>  We have had a wonderfully mild winter so far. Hoping for it to
> continue!
>  Still not sure whether to go with the 3 inch sand or gravel base for
> the patio under the trees. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
> Good Gardening
> Matt in Norfolk, Virginia    USDA zone 8
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