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Sun, 22 Dec 2002 17:51:09 -0500

Matt, My son-in-law, Gino, has created two of the handsomest patios 
imaginable, at his home in St.Louis. (His father was a mason who helped
to build every bridge and hospital in Manhattan, going back a few

The front patio is made of 12 or 14 inch white paving stones. It is
by a resurrected antique iron fence painted white, and he did run a
tube underneath so he could feed electricity to anything out there ...

The rear patio is made of bricks laid out in a fan shape, quarter of a
with the radius of about 20 feet. He utilized both old and new bricks,
in the end resulted in an 'established' look. He bordered it with a
flower bed 18" deep, irrigated by a hidden soaker hose on a clock in the

The man is a fanatic for accuracy, whatever he tackles. And he did the
work in 
his "spare time" ...  

He has just this minute left for the airport, returning to St.Louis
Giving him the benefit of 2 or 3 days to catch up at home, I shall query
about the foundation for your patio under the two trees. Please just
my memory about how much room you expect to leave around the tree
trunks so as to avoid smothering the trees themselves, and/or a future
upheaval of roots upsetting the patio. Oh yes, and which paving medium
did you expect to use? 

Penny, NY


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