Re: [gardeners] Home Again

Billie (
Fri, 27 Dec 2002 14:23:52 -0500

>I do mine in the small Tfal skillet with a little spray oil in it. Slap
>it between two pieces of toast and Sleepy and I make a meal of it. Other
>than leaving half our stuff behind, as in checkbook, two cameras, etc.
>we did fine on the trip.
>That's one of the good things about the grandsons working for UPS, stuff
>was shipped at 0400 this morning, guaranteed next day delivery. Big
>Brown Truck will be showing up tomorrow morning. Here's an aside: eldest
>grandson is the newest driver at his UPS facility, he was averaging 40
>hours straight time and 40 hours overtime up until Christmas. Young man,
>22 yo, making $40.00 an hour with his overtime. He paid his truck off
>today with his latest paycheck in hand. I am proud of him and his
>responsible attitude toward life. That's better than any Christmas
>present I could ever be given. Life is indeed good.

I think UPS does so well b/c they are (I'm assuming this is still 
true) so picky about who they hire. I worked for them for a summer 
many years ago and to get just that summer job I had to go through 
four interviews! They seemed to be looking for good, hard workers and 
were willing to pay well for that skillset.

We love our UPS man. He's the only person outside our friends and 
family who can get in our gate w/o the dogs going into (pseudo)attack 
mode. They let him in w/o a peep. :)