[gardeners] Okay, you guys!

Jann (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Tue, 31 Dec 2002 21:12:20 -0600

>Happy, happy New year!!! http://www.riversongs.net/Fla/yera.html

Now, remember the mystery plants? The green one started sprouting in 
November. After two very hard freezes. They have been under 6 inches of 
snow in freezing weather for a week. Well, until it melted off two days 
ago. And they are thriving. I WILL find out what they are someday! LOL

Another plant that has not only undergone the same conditions, but has many 
new buds on them, are Ed's Diantha plants. I have never seen anything like 
it!! Flourishing in this weather. I knew the mystery plant would do this, 
but this Dianthus puzzles me. It is a Telstar Purple Dianthus.