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Most of our storms, drought, pollution in Great Lakes region, Canada comes
up from the Ohio Valley.  There is a straight tunnel between us and them.
So it works both ways.  At the moment, however, we are sitting in an 'Arctic
Mass', as the weather guys call it.  It is very cold, and will be until at
least Thursday.  There is a 'cold alert' out and the churches and shelters
are opening up more spaces, and cops are picking up the remaining homeless
and keeping them overnight before they become frozen bodies.  I thought you
were at the end of the Mississippi - starts in Minnesota which is easily as
cold as the coldest parts of Canada, or so I understand.  I've never been
there.  I thought the cold moved down to you along the Mississippi from
there.  Anyway, it is some cold lately; has driven us into the recipe books
for soups and such.  Your weather sounds pretty balmy to me.  Lucinda

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Just thought I would report on the weather here in SW Louisiana.
Yesterday's low was 56 with a high of 75. High predicted today is also
75F with a low of 55F. Get this, by Friday morning it is forecast to be
30F again and again on Saturday morning with lows in the forties next

I am beginning to believe that this is a plot by the Canadians to push
their surplus cold air off on us poor southerners. WE DON'T WANT IT.
Make it go away please, I have trees and perennials budding out that
might get frost bit now. Other than that - Life is Good.