Re: [gardeners] Watching it rain, again (
Wed, 26 Feb 2003 02:55:59 -0500

George, for the first time that I can really remember, I heard the
announcemnt today that our reservoirs are full to the brim right 
now,and will be flowing over once the snow and ice melt. That's
fantastic !!! Just think:  last year we were again on rationing! 
Makes all this cold, wind and ice worth while. I'd bargain this way
any winter, to insure enough water for the garden in summer! 

We were without television for several hours tonight, not knowing
why. It seems that our ridiculous high winds knocked out the
cable transmission..!  That included our own computers - at least
the Internet - for we are on a high speed cable line now. Once we
discovered that Jimmie had not broken both tellies, he said we
could go fish for the rabbit ears in the cellar somewhere, and hook
ourselves up the old fashoned way, but I told him he should take 
this opportunity to start his taxes, and forget about all those
chase scenes and murders ...  9 towns were affected. Made
us realize both how addicted we are - well, at least Jimmie -  
and how dependent we are. Spoiled rotten, that's what~!

My poor umbrella pine which had been knocked over on Christmas
Day's snow storm is just emerging from the latest layers of snow.
Jim did cover the root ball with extra earth, but we don't know if
the poor babe will have survived. The tree froze to the earth 
right away, and we dared not set it upright for fear of knocking off
all those beautiful needles...

Still waiting for the meltdown and the flooding. More snow predicted
in a day or so. And I thought El Nino was retreating...???  22 degrees
by daylight -- don't know what it is tonight.

Penny, NY


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