Re: [gardeners] Re: GERD?

George Shirley (
Tue, 25 Feb 2003 20:32:47 -0600

I hear that. I've cut my insulin intake from 100 units a day to 30 or
less most days. Weight loss and closer attention to carb intake is doing
the job.

Catsup, in moderation, doesn't bother me that much but tomato paste in
anything really sets me off. Greasy food is worse than eating to much
for me. Oh woe, no Popeye's fried chicken, will have to stick to nuked,
baked or broiled chicken breasts with no skin now. It's a shame that
that's the way I like my chicken, broiled or baked. <VBG>


bsk wrote:
> It is much improved too since I took myself off the ADVAIR (steroids?) disk
> for asthma. I still can't breathe worth a hoot but boy I don't have my
> throat shutting down on me when I least expect it at meal time not letting
> anything go past a certain point. I can do some of the things that can throw
> a person into a acid fit like a couple of Dews during the day. Ketchup sends
> me off the deep end and too much grease will to after a certain point. I
> don't take any meds for it because I can't afford them without insurance.
> Figure I guess I just don't need to eat those things any way to much if it
> is going to bother me.
>     Trying to start over and get off all my asthma meds except the alupent
> emergency thing. Use is way too much but I am getting stuff out of my system
> and taking control since the docs were not doing a good enough job.
> Sometimes we just gotta do that.
>     I still want to learn to make some really good tomato sauce this summer!
> Ranchmama
> Okie zone 7a