Re: [gardeners] this is spring? (
Thu, 27 Feb 2003 13:53:11 -0500

Hi, Janni -- here we go again, just like you. Snow will start tonite,
and we have not been able to get the 2nd car out of the garage for 
two weeks! That means I've got the same cabin fever that you do!

I keep remembering though that this coming summer will be the first 
in years where the reservoirs will be full. For a gardener, that will be
bliss .....  

The biggest worry right now is not my supply of eggs and orange juice,
but the color of the rhodies and azaleas all around my property. So
many of them are now a burnt orange that I quake in my boots. And 
that doesn't count the two bush-trees which were uprooted on Christmas

Do you suppose that there is a new committee in charge of complacency 
up there in Heaven...? ? ?

Penny, NY


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