Re: [gardeners] Watching it rain, again (
Thu, 27 Feb 2003 23:17:35 -0500

George, here's another interesting one:  last July I had 11 cu yds of
shredded mulch dropped on my driveway, and I hired a father-and-son
dropped down from heaven to spread it all under my front foundation 
planting, after a bunch of shrub replacement. The papa tried to explain 
what he knew I would have, only his total lack of English made it tough
and anyway, here it was July, so my brain was frying ....

He wanted my snow shovel. 

And I watched that man work at an amazing rate of speed as he scooped
up wide shovel after shovel of the mulch, and carried it to the beds. I
even tried it myself, just to get the feel of it..! The idea was
and I would recommend it to anyone confronted with a mountain of stuff
to move - except, perhaps, cement. 

Penny, NY

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