Re: [gardeners] Re: this is spring? (
Sun, 2 Mar 2003 01:36:02 -0500

MarcW, did you feel any of the outreaching rain from your tropical 
cyclone Graham which swept across the north country but a day or so
ago..?  Do you actually have ample rainwater during the season?  And
the 3rd question, of course, is where does your automatic watering 
system actually get its water from?  

My brother-in-law and his wife have bought a small retirement house 
being built in southern Florida, and have just returned from a quick trip
to see how it was coming along ...  they said it's on a pretty lake --
no one can swim in it, because of all the alligators. I do wonder what 
will happen when their grandchildren come down to visit. . .

At least here in New York we only have woodchucks and moles and 
skunks and deer to plague us. Don't think I could handle alligators,
altho George might disagree...

Penny, NY


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