Re: [gardeners] Re: this is spring?

Marc Winterburn (
Sun, 2 Mar 2003 22:04:26 +0800

Hi All, Not a drop from Graham, He passed us by quite harmlessly worse luck.
No we dont usually get much rain at all from Early November until Early May
if we are lucky. Then we usually get most of our 870mm yearly average in the
three months from june to beginning of september. The auto system is sucking
from our precious rainwater tanks. We have 42,000 gallons of storage but
that gets used each year as I always like to water my new seedlings with
rainwater. I will hopefully have the bore pump going and be using ground
water to irrigate within the next two weeks.We dont get crocs this far down
although since they became a protected species they have been sighted
further and further south each year. They are territorial beasts so they
need to claim new territory each time a dominant male matures. Our species
is called salt water crocodile so they can colonize very easily and quickly.
we have had some 7-8 meters long so I wouldnt like to swim with them either.
We have been working pretty hard this last week getting plants in the ground
and I pick up a new 4WD 16HP tractor on tuesday. I am looking forward to
that, it will ease the work load. I have a rotary hoe, a slasher, a Boom
sprayer, a manure spreader, a roller and leveller and a trailer all to pick
up as well, A package deal. I picked up a new laptop and digital camera on
Friday so I will be able to post some pictures of here soon as I can figure
out how to work it all.
Kind Regards
Marc Winterburn

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> MarcW, did you feel any of the outreaching rain from your tropical
> cyclone Graham which swept across the north country but a day or so
> ago..?  Do you actually have ample rainwater during the season?  And
> the 3rd question, of course, is where does your automatic watering
> system actually get its water from?
> My brother-in-law and his wife have bought a small retirement house
> being built in southern Florida, and have just returned from a quick trip
> to see how it was coming along ...  they said it's on a pretty lake --
> but
> no one can swim in it, because of all the alligators. I do wonder what
> will happen when their grandchildren come down to visit. . .
> At least here in New York we only have woodchucks and moles and
> skunks and deer to plague us. Don't think I could handle alligators,
> altho George might disagree...
> Penny, NY
> .
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