Re: [gardeners] Re: this is spring?

George Shirley (
Mon, 03 Mar 2003 07:46:48 -0600

I understood the tweaking.

Woodchucks and moles used to plaque my father-in-law in southern
Maryland until his eldest daughter acquired a suitor (me of course) that
was a crack shot. I can understand the deer bothering you too, the deer
population explosion in this country is phenomenal. Gators are a
valuable commodity down here. During the gator season the hides bring in
about $25.00 a foot and the meat is about $6.00 a pound. Not to mention
the tourist value in stuffed gator heads and feet, something the locals
don't care about.

You might try getting the tourists interested in moleskin gloves and
woodchuck hats. <VBG>

George wrote:
> George, I was tweaking your leg when I said,
> " At least here in New York we only have woodchucks and moles and
> skunks and deer to plague us. Don't think I could handle alligators,
> altho George might disagree..."
> I wasn't talking about the alligators, George...<!>....
> Penny, NY
> .
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