Re: [gardeners] West Oz Weather

George Shirley (
Thu, 13 Mar 2003 14:11:11 -0600

Bought the Hyundai in January 2001 on a 48-month note. We've been doing
pretty good with both our businesses and our expenses aren't very high
so we decided to pay the note off. I had been paying extra on the
principal so was surprised that, in 26 months, we had cut an $11K note
to $4.3K. Now Miz Anne wants a pickemup truck but I don't think we need
one. I'm in favor of her driving the 1991 Dodge until she has to call me
to come get her on the side of the road. Thing has well over 200K miles
on it now, gets 30mpg, and only costs about $300.00 a year in
maintenance above and beyond, gas, oil, tires, brakes, and other
expendables. Besides that, if I get her a truck she'll haul more "stuff"
home. We got too much stuff now.
She's having a yard sale in a week and a half and I certainly hope
someone else wants a bunch of her stuff to keep at their house. A little
money for it would be good but she better keep an eye on me, I'll be
adding some little things to each persons bag. (evil grin)

George wrote:
> Isn't the last payment so satisfying?  Paid off my last car early, and said I didn't want a car payment again.  Just bought a Ford Escape this week, so here come the payments again!  Wouldn't have done it, but needed the four-wheel drive to get up our steep gravel drive in the winter.  Got kinda tired of having to park at the bottom and walk up a quarter mile, carrying groceries, etc.
> Probably won't drive it too much (unless I'm hauling stuff), in favor of vehicle with better gas mileage.
> Elizabeth