Re: [gardeners] Sunday almost in the garden (
Mon, 7 Apr 2003 03:13:24 -0400

Lucinda, my son, his wife and boy and a friend were scheduled to 
leave for Cancun at 5:00am on Saturday, from Toronto. 

The grandson had the family 'truck' (suburban) up at college in
Potsdam, and started driving home to Rochester at noon, on Thursday. 
The ice storm was in full sway by then. It took him 5-1/2 hours to 
cover a 4 hour drive down, and that's when my son telephoned
me ....  He figured that we would have been having fits, if we were 
following the weather channel. Only we did not have any knowledge 
at all of the situation!  Son and d-i-l  had been chewing finger nails
all afternoon, worrying about the boy on the road. Now the
grandparents could join in the mood!

The gimmick was that as soon as the extra friend had been picked
up, they were to drive west thru Buffalo and Niagara Falls and up
to Toronto, to stay for a few hours in a hotel at the airport.... and
the ice was -- what did they say, one inch thick..? -- on all the
roads. Of course, the truck had 4-wheel drive, but ice is ice no
matter even if Dick Buttons is on it. And the main highway was closed.

Well, that was Friday evening, and this is Sunday night, and we 
never heard what happened to them. Like ghosts in the night, they 
have disappeared. And we sit here chewing our nails. 

Penny, NY


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