Re: [gardeners] Happy Birthday! (
Mon, 7 Apr 2003 03:29:14 -0400

Matt, my thanks for all your good wishes. With 3 trips to the airport, 
we got to enjoy the mamouth China Buffet near LaGuardia THREE
times, so everybody was very happy.. 

One daughter baked a Death by Chocolate cake, and I made a lemon
chiffon pie and a lemon meringue pie, and we picked up a toasted
coconut cream pie, so we did feast very well...<g>...

The biggest bonus this year was my inspiration to use only paper 
plates -- and what a difference that made in the work load! Thanks
to Costco Warehouse, it didn't pinch the budget. 

They've all left for home, and now we await the 6 to 12 inch 
snowfall which we are being warned about. Jimmie gets another
chance to shovel, oh such happiness!

Penny, NY


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