RE: [gardeners] Sunday almost in the garden

Anne Green (
Tue, 8 Apr 2003 07:08:57 -0400

I will take bets they made their flight.  My three Aunts came from MI
after having their plane de-iced twice.  I was amazed that their flight
came in on time as the ice storm had hit them an hour or two before take
Anne in FL

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> Lucinda, my son, his wife and boy and a friend were scheduled to 
> leave for Cancun at 5:00am on Saturday, from Toronto. 
> The grandson had the family 'truck' (suburban) up at college in
> Potsdam, and started driving home to Rochester at noon, on Thursday. 
> The ice storm was in full sway by then. It took him 5-1/2 hours to 
> cover a 4 hour drive down, and that's when my son telephoned
> me ....  He figured that we would have been having fits, if we were 
> following the weather channel. Only we did not have any knowledge 
> at all of the situation!  Son and d-i-l  had been chewing finger nails
> all afternoon, worrying about the boy on the road. Now the
> grandparents could join in the mood!
> The gimmick was that as soon as the extra friend had been picked
> up, they were to drive west thru Buffalo and Niagara Falls and up
> to Toronto, to stay for a few hours in a hotel at the airport.... and
> the ice was -- what did they say, one inch thick..? -- on all the
> roads. Of course, the truck had 4-wheel drive, but ice is ice no
> matter even if Dick Buttons is on it. And the main highway was closed.
> Well, that was Friday evening, and this is Sunday night, and we 
> never heard what happened to them. Like ghosts in the night, they 
> have disappeared. And we sit here chewing our nails. 
> Penny, NY
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