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Hi Margaret!

It's still a little early yet here for tomatoes; the nurseries don't even
have them seeded yet.  I haven't decided which varieties I will grow this
year.  One of my projects for this week is going through my seeds and
testing viability, and then I will decide what I will grow.

That is very interesting about the black walnut leaves.  Perhaps I can find
some and do a test section.  DH wants me to use as little Roundup as
possible as I prepare to grow the herbs so I will probably only use it in
non-growing areas to try to keep a Quackgrass free perimeter.  So far, the
only non-chemical means I've found is to turn the soil and rake out the
roots then let them dry which has to be repeated several times to get them


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What kind of tomatoes are you growing?  On another list, a subject came up 
you may be interested in.  I'm sure you know that dried quackgrass is a 
molluscicide.  One woman said she raked black walnut leaves onto a patch of 
quackgrass, and when she raked the leaves off, the quackgrass was gone.  I 
don't know whether it was dead or dormant and gone with the rake, but it 
may be a way to control quackgrass.  Worth trying, if you know of anyone 
with walnut trees (English walnut trees have juglone too).  Margaret L