Re: [gardeners] Suggestions for Windbreak

Kelly Livezey (
Mon, 21 Apr 2003 08:35:51 -0400

Thanks, Penny--sounds like it just might fit the bill! I'll see if I 
can find it around here.

>Kelly, my neighbor put in a 100 ft fence of what I believe is called
>Manhattan Euonymus. It is evergreen, even tho the leaves are rather
>large and do look deciduous!  Grows like a weed, spreads just as
>wide, and if I did not have to prune them back twice a summer, I
>would say that they are ideal bushes for a screening.  She does not
>especially water them, she never fertilizes them, they just grow!
>They are planted getting the full brunt of our westerly winds, and
>are protected from the direct sun most of the day by the white
>pines over their heads.
>Penny, NY
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