Re: [gardeners] Sunday in the garden

George Shirley (
Mon, 21 Apr 2003 09:14:13 -0500

The elder grandkids more than make up for the peaceful children. They're
always squabbling but will fight for each other when necessary. My kids
are about 18 months apart and were always great friends. My daughter,
the eldest, protected her brother when he started to school and got in
trouble for it. She carried an old purse of my Mom's and kept a brick in
it for added weight when she was swinging it. <VBG> My kids are getting
long in the tooth too, the daughter will be 42 in December and our son
will be 40 in September. They've made their accomodations with life

Thank you for the compliment but, as you well know, it takes a lot to
raise a child, no matter when you're raising them. For the first 13-14
years of our children's lives we lived in a neighborhood with my folks,
my elder sister's family, and my grandmother all living nearby. A family
community for over 60 years and now none of our family lives there
anymore. The sixties were also a fairly peaceful time in rural Texas.
We're just grateful they grew up to be productive citizens.

George wrote:
> George, your family get-togethers sound so rewarding, and I
> wonder what made everyone grow up so peacefully...?
> When my kids come home, the ancient rivalries come right to the
> fore, and keep in mind, these guys are already middle aged!
> More power to you for having raised your children to
> appreciate each other so beautifully!
> Penny, NY
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