RE: [gardeners] Wednesday in the garden

Anne Green (
Fri, 6 Jun 2003 06:57:29 -0400

George, we also had an unusually cool spring.  My lettuce loved it.  We
got lettuce for about twice the length of time we normally do.  The
tomatoes stalled for quite a time while the temps at night hovered
around 40.  The skin on these first tomatoes has been very thick, maybe
due to the cold.  The bushes had formed fruit and then it got cold
again.  They didn't drop off, but stayed small and hard for a long time.
They have been ripening and making new that are just now starting to
turn red.  I am hoping for better quality on these newer toms. 
Anne in FL

> We had an unusually cool and dry spring so we were late 
> getting a lot of 
> things in the ground. By the time I could take the tomatoes 
> out of the 
> greenhouse to plant in the garden they were two feet tall and 
> blooming. 
> Of course after being transplanted they dropped their blooms 
> and had to 
> start over. You can't outguess Mother Nature I reckon.
> George
> Anne Green wrote:
> > George,
> > You are much farther behind us this year than normal.  In 
> the past you