[gardeners] Saturday in the garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 07 Jun 2003 12:51:54 -0500

Put up a couple of quarts of green beans this morning. Picked them
yesterday, snapped them, blanched them and chilled in ice water this
morning. Dried them off with the salad slinger and then sealed them in
vacuum bags. Haven't tried this before so am doing it as an experiment
but expect them to be good when I thaw and cook them. I've done it with 
greens, tomatoes, and other things so it should work. Birdseye does it 
so I reckon I can too.

Tilled up the front of the herb garden and planted basil, little late
getting it in but what the heck. Tiller fired on the first pull and
worked well, even if it hasn't been run in a couple of months. Yanked 
out enough oregano to supply an Italian restaurant for a year. All of it 
going to the trash dump, maybe it will beautify the landfill. Anyone 
looking for a ground cover I can heartily recommend Spanish oregano, 
spreads well, stays green, hardy to about 30F or a little lower and 
stands up to humidity and heat.

Miz Anne weeded her corn patch and then helped me get all the little 
weeds out of the tilled herb garden. I pruned the rootstock growths on 
the Bruce plum and the Kieffer pear. Both of those have such hardy 
rootstock the roots keep trying to grow another tree.

Counted the Fuyu persimmons and looks like we've got about a dozen left, 
  no rain for three months didn't hurt it that bad. Since the tree is 
only about eight feet tall I don't expect a big crop yet.

Harvested three Ichiban eggplant and about a quart of mild chiles 
yesterday in addition to the green beans. We've been planting this 
variety of green bean for three or four years now, a Kentucky Wonder 
variant that is a bush bean versus a pole one. Due to no rain we had to 
replant over half the row but there were four plants that survived the 
first planting. Those plants are producing about 1.5 to 2 quarts of 
beans every other day and the beans are up to ten inches long and very 
tender. I guess we got the right amount of rain and fertilizer all 
together for the first time. The whole garden is growing so well it's 
scary. We're picking a small handful of Jelly Bean grape tomatoes nearly 
every day and the big maters are growing well but not ready yet. The 
Louisiana Long Green eggplant, from seed Margaret Lauterbach sent me a 
few years ago, are lush and loaded with fruit as are the Ichiban. If the 
bug population doesn't explode on us we should have an excellent harvest 
this year.

Life is good.