[gardeners] Thursday in the garden - sort of

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Thu, 12 Jun 2003 18:50:54 -0500

Left for work about 0630 this morning and by 0700 a tremendous 
thunderstorm with high, straight line winds blew through the area. 
Dumped almost two inches of rain in about one hour and blew our fig tree 
over. We needed the rain and the fig tree has been blown over before.

Fig trees tend to grow leaning in one direction unless heavily pruned 
into a semi-upright tree. This one will get pruned back after it 
finishes bearing and two leaders on one side will get the pruning saw. 
Figs have very shallow roots anyway and are easy to knock or blow over. 
That's one of the reasons extension agents in hot areas recommend a six 
inch deep mulch out to the tree line. They also require a minimum of 35 
gallons of water per week per diameter inch of the main trunk. In our 
case only three inches as it has been frozen to the ground at least 
twice. Take a lot of care around here do fig trees but the fruit they 
bear is worth it to us. Visions of fig preserves, fig jam, fig conserve, 
fig syrup, maybe even fig wine dance in our dreams. B-)

Garden is producing well, getting a couple of quarts of green beans 
about every other day and more cukes than we can eat on a daily basis. 
The pickling cukes are coming in now and I'm looking forward to a big 
mess of sweet pickles and making sweet pickle relish. The hot chiles are 
producing rapidly and starting to ripen while the mild ones are 
producing huges chiles and the sweet ones (bell type) are just now 
blooming. Eggplant is almost a daily occurence and yesterday I used a 
couple of small zukes from the store, some 1015 sweet onion, two Ichiban 
eggplant, and a bag of frozen tomatoes from last year to make a nice 
ratatouille. Today we had green beans, leftover ratatouille and 
barbecued pork ribs for our dinner and are lying around enjoying the 
greenery viewed through the patio door.

Life is good.