[gardeners] Friday in the garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 13 Jun 2003 13:02:07 -0500

Mucho rain fell last night and I believe we are getting close to our 
regular amount of annual rainfall. Garden is so green in the sunlight it 
hurts your eyes. Doesn't hurt that we just sidedressed everything a 
couple of days before the rain came.

Recently planted sweet basil is up and looks like every seed germinated. 
That's a good thing as I am entirely out of dried and frozen basil both. 
Will pick cukes, eggplant, and green beans this afternoon toward sunset, 
it's over 100F out there right now with the heat index. Will also pick a 
mess of grape tomatoes, lettuce, and chard to make a salad to go with 
our leftovers for supper tonight.

I'm letting the pasta cool now that I'm going to make pesto-pasta cold 
salad with. Pesto has been vacuum sealed in the freezer for three years 
now and is still like fresh. I do love that vacuum sealer we got several 
years ago. The salad will go with us tomorrow as we attend the annual 
homecoming of ex-students at my old high school. Some of the attendees 
graduated in the twenties and thirties and the rest of us fall along in 
there somewhere. This is the 46th anniversary of my graduation and I 
have trouble even recognizing any of my classmates, they've gotten so 
OLD!! <VBG> Lots of food, ice tea, cakes, pies, puddings, etc. and lots 
of old friends as that is the community I lived in from age 10 to age 
35. Only a few cousins left around there now and some great-great nieces 
and nephews but it will still be a good time as our daughter and her 
daughter are coming over from Houston area. She didn't graduate there, 
we moved away in her ninth grade year but is still friends with the 
people she grew up with until age 14. I wonder if any of those folks 
have ever eaten pesto. Reckon I might type up a page that tells what it 
is, lots of the old folks there won't eat anything that is a strange 
color of green. B-)

Got up early to take care of various chores and am now looking at 
joining Miss Sleepy Dawg on the floor for a nice nap. She and I visited 
a neighbors rat terriers, Little Bit and Penny, at the vet today, where 
they are boarding until their big people get back from West Texas. 
Sleepy and I both got lots of dog kisses and the girls both got a nice 
dog treat. Vet said that's the first time he ever had boarders get 
visitors but might promote that idea. He's just moved into his new 
building and is coming over later this afternoon to look at Miz Anne's 
paintings to see if any will fit in. I'm trying to sell him on the 30 
inch by 80 inch charcoal drawing of Sleepy and I taking a nap on the 
couch. Miz Anne calls it a "Study in black and white." Sleepy is white 
with black spots and I'm wearing a black tee shirt and have white hair. 
Probably would look good on the wall facing the entry door into the 
clinic. Might also scare some folks off.

Life is good.