[gardeners] Monday in the kitchen

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 16 Jun 2003 19:22:00 -0500

Have been in the kitchen most of the day putting up moussaka for the 
freezer, a few quarts of green beans in the freezer and then 5 quarts of 
sweet pickles. All of this just takes time but is not hard to do.

Moussaka was put up without the eggs and the bechamel sauce which will 
be added at the time it is thawed and ready to cook. Put up four pans of 
the stuff and then vacuum sealed them in bags to make them longer 
lasting. Green beans were blanched, dumped in ice water to stop the 
cooking process then put into the salad spinner to get most of the water 
off. They were then vacuum sealed in bags and into the freezer. Sweet 
pickles were canned in a boiling water bath in quart jars and are 
cooling on the kitchen counter now.

A moussaka from 2001 is in the oven and should be ready in another 15 

Looks like this is going to be a very productive year for our small 
garden so we're gearing up to preserve a lot of it. The corn is 
tasseling so it won't be long to roasting ears and we will probably pick 
crowder peas next week. I do like working with and cooking the heirloom 
Louisiana Long Green eggplant, they are productive, a very sweet fruit 
and have very little seed at the time of prime picking, will leave at 
least one to ripen fully to replenish my seed supply.

Life is good but I'm tired.