RE: [gardeners] Friday in the garden

Anne Green (
Sun, 13 Jul 2003 08:54:31 -0400

> Hi there, George -- Jimmie is being discharged this coming Thursday,
> like it or not. Up to now he has had round-the-clock aides with him;
> once he gets home, I am going to try to eliminate the night aide.

Give the night aid a few nights before sending them on their way.  If
Jimmie needs to get up in the night can you do it on your own?  The last
thing you need is to get hurt so that you end up needing the aid
yourself.  I know it will be something and someone to get used to.
Until those steps are constantly managable for Jimmie you may need the
help.  At the rate that he is improving, you won't need them for long.  

Take care of yourself also.  Head out and get your hair done or your toe
nails pedicured or go to the library and read, do something at least
once a week as long as you have the aids.   As long as there is someone
to look after Jimmie have an hour to yourself.  Once they leave it will
be because he is able to be on his own for a while, then continue to
pamper yourself once in a while.  I have been a care giver for a long
while, and learned my lesson through almost burning out.  
Anne in FL