Re: [gardeners] Radish help!!! Soon...

Margaret Lauterbach (
Thu, 17 Jul 2003 12:30:49 -0600

I think all of us have had lettuce bolt to seed when we didn't want it 
to.  You're supposed to plant radishes every two weeks to keep a fresh 
supply coming.  But for what it's worth now, you can stir-fry the seed pods 
your present radishes are setting.  Radishes are supposed to be pullable 
about 25 days from planting.  You can't really cut them back or stop them 
from flowering/going to seed.  You can do that with basil, but most things 
won't be deterred.  Margaret L

>now I'm having the same trouble with my radishes.  They are doing 
>great...growing like weeds...but all of a sudden they have begun sprouting 
>flowers.  I keep pinching them off...but there seems to be no end in 
>sight...and as I know that radishes are a root veggie and flowering could 
>take away from the root growth, I'm worried they too are done for the 
>season and I'm not going to be able to harvest them.  I need your help!!!!
>I may have started them too early...seeds were planted mid-may...or may 
>not be cutting them back as I should...I don't know...but you guys seem to 
>be the experts and I thought maybe you could help.