[gardeners] Saturday in the garden of love

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 19 Jul 2003 20:17:27 -0500

Just got in about 30 minutes ago from Houston. Left here about 9:30 this 
morning and helped the eldest grandson and his lady set up a park 
pavillion for their wedding and then attended the wedding.

We furnished red, hidden, and butterfly ginger blooms for the altar plus 
other plants, flowers, and ferns. All picked fresh from our gardens this 
morning. Granddaughter-in-law and one of her friends did the rest of the 
decorating and did a jam up job in going Hawaiian.

Miz Anne made herself an outfit yesterday of flowered bellbottom flowing 
trousers and a red top to go with it, she wore a straw hat with a fern 
crown around the brim. I wore my red, white, and blue flowered Hawaiian 
shirt, khaki trousers, and my summer hat with the flowered hat band 
around it. Bride wore a skintight blue satin looking outfit and the 
groom wore slacks and a blue and white Hawaiian shirt. Their little girl 
wore a flowered dress with matching scarf and carried the rings.

Both of our children and their children were there so we had a mini 
reunion too. A good time was had by all of the 60 or 70 friends and 
relatives of the bridal couple and we came home exhausted.

I think the flowers contributed to the gardening content but just in 
case, our green beans, cucumbers and squash are still producing like 
crazy and the heat is around 100F daily with a 96% humidity.

Life is bery, bery good.