Re: [gardeners] Saturday in the garden of love (
Sun, 20 Jul 2003 23:02:27 -0400

George,  the wedding sounds terrific!  All that work done in just one
Y'all must be younger than I had realized ...

What kind of food did they serve?  Considering the weather, perhaps
iced cold watermelon slices would have been enuf ...

I didn't realize that cukes would prosper in that heat. 

As I slipped around to the far side of our house today to change an
in-ground water valve setting, I found that the entire raspberry patch 
had grown sky high, and ALL the berries had dried on the canes!  There
had not been even 27 seconds in the past few weeks for me to have
checked up on them, much as I love 'em. Pity ... 

Explaining the above, last year we split two rather large foundation 
watering zones in half by running in a pair of valves to each which
effectively cut off the water supply to one side or the other by
appropriate opening and closing of the pair.... this summer I just
could NOT find the valves - even tho I thought I jolly well recalled
where they had been placed, so Jimmie suggested that I use the
long handled 4-tined fork to skim the surfaces in order to snag
the soaker hose. It worked!  Today was the first time I was 
changing the direction of the front valves, and Dumb Dora did
the 1st one, but forgot the 2nd ...nothing got distributed at all.
It's incredible how much work is crying out to me in the garden --
all I can say to myself is remember what Ranchmama said:  walk
by your favorite plants and tell them you'll be back next year...

Penny, NY


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