Re: [gardeners] Saturday in the garden of love

George Shirley (
Mon, 21 Jul 2003 07:22:20 -0500

Finger food, it was very hot out there at 4 pm, even under the pavilion 
roof. Sliced up veggies with dip, fried chicken, small deli type 
sandwiches, jelly bellies (hey there were kids there), non-alcoholic 
punch and wedding cake.

We didn't do all the work, the youngsters did most of it, Miz Anne and I 
arranged the flowers we brought, I helped move the picnic tables to make 
an aisle, and then we went to middle grandson's apartment to rest awhile 
before the wedding. There were a lot of surrogate grandkids at the 
wedding in addition to our real ones. Daughter's ex remarried and had 
another child and Bailey thinks she's my grandkid too since her 
half-siblings (all grown) go pick her up occasionally and keep her for 
the weekend. The little ones seems to like grey haired old men with 
glasses and a kindly face. <VBG>

George wrote:
> George,  the wedding sounds terrific!  All that work done in just one
> day? 
> Y'all must be younger than I had realized ...
> What kind of food did they serve?  Considering the weather, perhaps
> iced cold watermelon slices would have been enuf ...
> I didn't realize that cukes would prosper in that heat. 
> As I slipped around to the far side of our house today to change an
> in-ground water valve setting, I found that the entire raspberry patch 
> had grown sky high, and ALL the berries had dried on the canes!  There
> had not been even 27 seconds in the past few weeks for me to have
> checked up on them, much as I love 'em. Pity ... 
> Explaining the above, last year we split two rather large foundation 
> watering zones in half by running in a pair of valves to each which
> effectively cut off the water supply to one side or the other by
> appropriate opening and closing of the pair.... this summer I just
> could NOT find the valves - even tho I thought I jolly well recalled
> where they had been placed, so Jimmie suggested that I use the
> long handled 4-tined fork to skim the surfaces in order to snag
> the soaker hose. It worked!  Today was the first time I was 
> changing the direction of the front valves, and Dumb Dora did
> the 1st one, but forgot the 2nd ...nothing got distributed at all.
> It's incredible how much work is crying out to me in the garden --
> all I can say to myself is remember what Ranchmama said:  walk
> by your favorite plants and tell them you'll be back next year...
> Penny, NY
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