Re: [gardeners] Saturday in the garden of love

Marc Winterburn (
Mon, 21 Jul 2003 14:21:45 +0800

Hi Penny,
Regards to Jim, sounds like you have a lot of work to do, I wish I was there
to help. I have had such good neighbourly help from all angles since our
fires and my illness's that I just want to get over and help you and Jim
out. We are praying that Jim makes a full recovery and that you can also get
some needed rest.
Kind Regards
Marc Winterburn
The Oz Chilli Man

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- Bertrand de Jouvenel

"If we do not believe in freedom of speech for those we despise, we do not
believe in it at all."
- Noam Chomsky

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> George,  the wedding sounds terrific!  All that work done in just one
> day?
> Y'all must be younger than I had realized ...