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Thu, 21 Aug 2003 09:05:12 -0700

At 07:30 AM 8/21/03, you wrote:
>Thanks, Terry, but this is part of what is so confusing about computers to 
>me.  I've never encountered any e-mail addresses with those kinds of 
>extensions.  The only e-mail addresses I've seen have extensions of .com, 
>.net, or .country abbreviation.


The list of extensions refers to an attachment that comes with the false 
email.  These extensions indicate the type of file being sent.

Computers 101

There are two types of file used by your computer.  One type holds data ==> 
information, facts, text, and so on.
The other type holds computer instructions ==> program, script, application.

A virus can be transmitted in a file that holds instructions - "code" - it 
can be "executed" or caused to run on the computer that has the file on 
it.  This is the type of file to be wary of in attachments, no matter who 
has sent them to you.

Even html files have the ability to execute code.   It is preferable to 
receive your email as text - characters only, no images - because the code 
cannot run when it is viewed as text.

End of lesson.  If you have questions feel free to ask.



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