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Evening  Doreen,

At 02:13 PM 2/19/98 -0600, you wrote:

>>  What media do you use in the beds?


>I use this mix: peat moss, shredded leaves, composted cow manure and

>compost.  Mix well, let sit two weeks and then plant.  Of course, I use

>Mycorrhizae, which accesses nutrients from the soil that surrounds the beds,

>too.  That soil is gumbo clay--which is very high in trace elements, just

>not too good at transporting oxygen or water.

  Sounds good.    You are not growing in soil  but the media you list above,

right?  Ok..... I read the above again ..... and woke up as I read it.

Your beds are in contact with the soil?     There are some advantages to having the roots access the soil.    Also a few disadvantages.   Some of the most

deadly diseases are soil borne.   For this reason, I am considering lining my

beds with plastic to  isolate my plants from the soil.

Would you think this good or bad?

  I doubt that a bit of sand would hurt your plants.   How often do you feed

or water?

  Often we have excess and frequent rains so we have to be very careful to

provide adequate drainage.    Usually I add some sand to provide this.

   Due to the fact I feed about once per hour, I have to have excellent 




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