RE: [tomato] End of season evaluation

Catharine Vinson (
Sat, 17 Oct 1998 18:11:57 -0400

Kim wrote:

The Paul Robeson (seeds from 
Southern Exposure Seed Exchange) are just about the tastiest ugliest tomatoes you
ever will find.  They are a real keeper for us.  Our yellow brandywine's ripened quite
a lot later than the others but that was okay cause the season was long. They were
incredible.  The german greens and striped german are beautiful and tasty (although I 
still prefer the taste ot brandywines and Paul Robesons).  

Thanks for the scoop on Paul Robeson. I have it on the list of "to grow" (I try and grow 70-100 different varieties each season. This year was a bust....didn't grow due to other commitments.) I get a good bit of my seed from Southern Exposire Seed Exchange and like Chuck rate them as absolute tops...I have their Paul Robeson tagged now.

Any of you who are considering growing tomatoes for a local market, don't be put off
by all the horror stories you hear about  heirlooms being difficult.  We found them 
well worth the effort and people were very enthusiastic about them. 

This has been my experience, too. People *WANT* the heirlooms and are not put off by the non-standard appearance. With the exception of the white varieties, I think almost any heirloom beats almost any hybrid for taste. White varieties are sought after by consumers, but to me have little flavor.

2) we are concerned about the erosion of plant biodiversity - Chuck suggested the 
book shattering in an earlier post.  It's excellent and should scare the daylights out of

It's a great book. I'll second the recommendation.

Catharine/Atlanta, zone 7b