RE: [tomato] What will it take?/Was:Seems insane to me

Catharine Vinson (
Wed, 21 Oct 1998 19:47:01 -0400

You wrote:

Appreciate your comments..I dont often come out of lurkdom,so when I do and its something of such gravity as this ,its disconcerting not to see response.Its uncomfortable to force an issue where it is unwelcome..But more important is the need for collective effort,a few have little hope to turn the tide..
You mention your also involved professionally may I ask what that might be?
At any rate your input was encouraging and commend you for your involvement..

Don't get discouraged. Mailing lists and the Internet have their own life...sometimes you will post something and there won't be any noticeable reaction. That doesn't mean you haven't hit a responsive chord. Sometimes the more discussion on a list, the less the impact. Wierd, but true.

I grow (in small quantities) heirloom veggies and herbs for a couple of specialized nursery...I twist the arms of full-time growers to grow O.P. varieties, *showing* them that it can be profitable. I also am a consultant to some local independent nurseries...working with them to carve out a niche/retain their position when faced with the horrific competition of Home Depot, etc. My clients are learning that organics, professional marketing, and a really knowledgeable sales staff makes a difference: people will pay extra for the genuine value of organically grown transplants, etc. I've been fortunate in establishing a book deal with a solid publisher and am currenly writing two books on growing specific crops. The audience is market growers and serious "hobby" gardeners, primarily. The focus is organics, sustainable practices, and *WHY* gardening this way is both satisfying and sane. I've committed to having both manuscripts completed by next August, so I am not as active as I'd like when it comes to reading the various gardening mailing lists! August will be here before I know it.

Anyway, I hope we will stay in touch.