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> Hello tomato folks,
> We've just moved from San Francisco to Wappingers Falls, New York.  I'm
> more than a little confused by all this winter, and I'm wondering if anyone
> has suggestions on varieties to plant in this area.  It's mid Hudson
> Valley, and relatively close to the river (5 min drive).  Zone 6 I believe,
> but not sure.
> The yard is neither large nor sunny, but it's our first house. I'm looking
> for a good tomato for stewing and freezing since food prices are outrageous
> around here and I've yet to see any really good produce.  My garden will
> have to get us through next winter or we'll go broke.  I'll probably be
> growing at least five varieties of tomatoes, maybe 20+ plants or there
> abouts.
> Thanks so much for any suggestions!

Hi Laurie,
I'm in LaGrangeville, and boy, are we in the Hudson Valley lucky 
when it comes to growing stuff!  At least I've had good 
experiences...  <lol>  I grew lots of tomato types last year, and I 
have friends in the area who grew many more.  BTW, I think we're 
Zone 5, not 6....not sure, but I like to be a bit on the conservative 
side anyway.  ;-)

Here's what I have had good experiences with, just last year and in 
previous years helping my uncle in Pawling (about 20 miles east of 

Lemon Boy
Mandarin Cross
Green Zebra
Big Boy
Better Boy
Burpee Beefsteak
4th of July
Miracle Sweet 100

That's all I can remember off-hand; I'll also ask around what people 
have had good luck with around here.

BTW, do you intend on growing from seed or buying seedlings from 
local nurseries?

Also, the other Kim (Kim Cook) is in our area; ask her what she 
had luck with last year!