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William McKay (
Sun, 21 Feb 1999 20:56:13 PST

I am sure you saw this post.  I have the catalog at my office where my 
brother bought silver plastic last year.  I think it was rainflow 
irrigation in Pennsylvania.  Unfortunately, you had to buy an entire 
roll.  I don't recollect seing anyone who sold part rolls of silver 

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Have seen a lot of inquiries about plastic mulches.

                           PLASTIC MULCH MANUFACTURES
                     Call, fax or write for local suppliers

Info Source Dr. Mike Orzolek Penn State

Mid South Extrusion              Products
2015 Jackson St.                 Black, white or clear mulch
Monroe, LA. 71202                Wide range of sizes and guages
PH 1-800-256-7229                Embossed or smooth
FAX 318-325-7524

Climagro                         Products
3235 Sartelon St.                Wide range of colors and sizes
St-Laurent, Que                  including IRT films
Canada H4R 1E9
PH 514-454-5352
FAX 514-454-6638

AT Plastics Inc.                 Products
111 Hilltown Villiage Center     Greenhouse plastic films
Chesterfield, MO 63017
PH 314-532-63017
FAX 314-532-7556

Fours Seasons Ag. Products        Products
1870 The Exchange Suite 200       Black, clear and white smooth 
Atlanta, GA 30339                 Black embossed
PH 404-953-4567
FAX 404-618-7080  

PlasticTech                       Products
PO Box 750                        WIde range of colors, widths &
St-Remi Que.
Canada J0l 2l0
PH 514-454-3961
FAX 514-454-6638

Tredegar Film Products            Greenhouse plastic film
1100 Boulders Pkwy
Richmond, Va. 23225
PH 804-330-1235
FAX 804-330-1201

Plastigone Technologies Inc        Products
PO Box 165618                      Wide range of colors and sizes
Miami FLA 33116                    Inculding Photodegradable Films
PH 305-274-1233
FAX 305-598-3404

Edison Plastics                    Products
PO Box 538                         Wide range of colors and sizes
So. Plainfield, NJ 07080
PH 908-752-6660
FAX 908-752-3756

AEP Industries Inc                  Products
125 Phillips Ave.                   wide range including silver
So. Hackensack, NJ 07606
PH 800-999-2374

North American Film Corp.            Products
19 Depot St.                         Coextruded white/white black/siler
Bridgeport, PA. 19405                and silver/white 
PH 610-277-3155

Polyon Inc                           Products
Kibbutz Barkai Isreal 31860          Wide range including
U.S. REP Polywest                    SRT Red, yellow and blue 
4883 Ronson Ct. Suite R
San Diego, CA 92111
PH 619-279-6393
FAX 619-279-6394

Huntsman Packaging                    Products
RD 2 Box 67                           Wide range including 
Harrington DE 19952                   Photodegradeable
PH 302-398-8115

Rochelle Plastic Films                Products
PO Box 606 Hwy 38 W                   Wide range
Rochelle, IL 61068
PH 815-562-7848
FAX 815-562-7849

Sonoco Products                       Products  wide range
1 North Second St.                    BEST red reported
PO Box 160
Hartsville, SC 29550
PH 803-339-6134
FAX 803-332-1277

Gromax Plasticulture                    Products
3300 North Pace Blvd. Suite 308         Colored mulches, row covers
Pensacola, FLA 32505
PH 800-225-0958
FAX 904-432-2534

Clarke Ag. Plastics                     Products
PO Box 238 Rte 691                      Metalic silver and colored
Greenwood VA 22943
PH 540-456-4578
FAX 540-456-6403

Ken-Bar Inc                              Products
25 Walkers Brook Dr.                     Red, colored and paper mulch
Reading MA. 01867
PH 617-944-0003

NOTE: This a 1995 listing, some add and numbers may have been changed
Just giving you what I have.

Silver and white are the only 2 that I have seen that repell aphids,
Yellow attracts some aphids and some whiteflies
Blue attracts some types of thrips 

Tomorrow if I get the chance I will check on this.  Will let you know in 
anycase.  If nothing works for you, let me know.  One of these listed 
above is in Reading, MA which is just a few towns over from me.

Bill M

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