Re: [tomato] One foot per tomato plant growing method

Byron.Bromley (
Thu, 11 Mar 1999 22:47:42 -0500


This method works from some varities and in some microclims
If your area is humid you might have fungal and bacterial infections
and make homes for bugs.

I to have a Pinetree Garden cat. The one thing that bothered me
was that said they were getting 10 habs on their Habanero Peppers
I get 40 to 60. Plus the fruit count on some of their tomatoes I would
expect in much colder climates. Too many of their details were too
far out of line for whats expected in NE. Just as an Old Fart gut
feel, I think they are a little out of line for the rest of the industry
Save your 1 foot spacing for Tiny Tims and Tom Thumbs


From: Orchid <>
Subject: [tomato] One foot per tomato plant growing method
Date: Thursday, March 11, 1999 9:35 PM

I received today, one of many seed catalogs I get each week.  This one,
PINETREE GARDEN SEEDS had an interesting statement in it.  It might be old
news to experienced tomato growers on this list, but it intrigued me.  It
went like this.....

"Tomatoes can be a very space efficient vegetable if grown vertically.  We
like to grow them on 6 foot strings attached to a bar suspended above the
plants.  In this mode of growing, spacing is one plant per square foot.  It
is necessary to wind the string around the tip once a week and to remove
suckers, the new growth that comes out of the axil.  Yields of 20-40 pounds
per plant are common using this method."

I want to take this moment to thank everyone on the tomato discussion for
giving me a wealth of knowledge.....and fun amongst some of the
controversy.....    I have asked sometimes stupid questions in the earnest
hope of learning something.  I hope I haven't become a pest, and/or a
chronic poster on this list.

Peter White, Zone 10, South Florida